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Concrete WearHard is a lithium-based concrete hardener that dramatically improves the wear characteristics of both new and existing concrete surfaces. Manufacturing facilities, warehouse and distribution centers, public spaces, office complexes or any other high traffic floors all can benefit from the expanded service life and stain protection provided by a floor treated with Concrete WearHard. Use Concrete WearHard to eliminate concrete dusting, reduce spalling, increase impact resistance and ultimately extend the life of your floors.
Benefits of WearHard

Eliminates Concrete Dusting
Dramatically Improves Wear
Increases Impact Resistance
Reduces Penetration of Liquids
No Peeling, Discoloring, or Wear-Thru
High Solids Formula (18%) for Porous Surfaces Can be diluted up to 1 to 1
Allows Floor to Breath Normally
Low Odor, No Solvents, and No VOC’s
Easy Floor Preparation
Water Based and Simple Clean-up
Minimizes Downtime
Economical Preventative Maintenance
Extends the Life of Concrete Floors       
How It Works

Concrete WearHard reacts with the “free lime” (excess calcium hydroxide) in cured concrete to form a harder and more dense wear zone. As concrete hardens the chemical reaction between water and cement produces calcium hydroxide and silica. This becomes the bonding agent between the cement and the aggregate used in the mix. This process produces more calcium hydroxide then is needed and results in free lime trapped in the cured cement. Over time this free lime causes pitting and is released leading to concrete dusting and reduced wear performance. Concrete WearHard provides additional silicate for the free lime to react with and hardens the calcium hydroxide that did not harden during the original curing. The liquid hardener reacts with the “free lime” in the open capillaries left in the floor after water evaporates out of the floor during the original curing. This reaction fills the open spaces and makes the concrete denser, thus slowing the absorption of other liquids. Concrete WearHard is not a sealer. It allows the floor to continue to breathe normally.
Easy Application

Concrete WearHard is an easy to apply, user friendly product that requires little downtime. Like most products, preparation is the most important factor to improving the results of the application.

Step 1:  Remove all dirt, debris, oil and other contaminants to allow for deep penetration of Concrete WearHard.

Power washing, auto-scrubbing, and the use of various cleaners are all acceptable methods of surface preparation. If using high acid cleaners, floors should be rinsed with clean water and allowed to dry prior to the application of Concrete WearHard. The surface can be damp but no standing water should be present.

Step 2:  Apply product

Concrete WearHard is most easily applied using a standard garden sprayer but can also be applied using a brush, mop, or roller. Concrete WearHard typically covers 100sqft – 400sqft per gallon depending of the porosity of the floor. Maintain a wet edge and use a roller or stiff bristled push broom to work product into fast absorbing areas of the floor and to avoid puddling. One correctly applied coat is all that is required. If a second coat is desired apply it before the first coat dries to avoid spotting and to ensure absorption into the concrete.

Step 3:  Dry and Back-In-Service Times

Dry time is temperature and humidity-level dependent. Typical dry time with an 80 degree room and floor temperature is approximately two hours. Floors can be put back in service as needed after that time. Concrete WearHard will have improved performance the longer it is allowed to dry prior to being put back in service.
Concrete WearHard is water soluble and easy to clean. Use any mild detergent with water. If using a sprayer ensure any overspray is immediately cleaned off painted surfaces, glass, etc. Flush all spray equipment thoroughly with water and a mild detergent.

NOTE: Carefully read included technical data sheets prior to applying product.

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