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Concrete Polish
Floor Restoration

Concrete Polished floor

New Construction Floor Polishing

Concrete polishing is quickly expanding into all segments of new construction. It is a beautiful and highly customizable alternative to traditional floor systems. Typical applications include:

  Public Buildings
  Industrial Buildings
  Warehouse and Distribution Centers
  Entertainment Complexes

  Medical Buildings
  Schools and Universities
  Office Buildings
  Condominiums and Luxury Apartments

Every concrete floor has a natural character all its own. Our experienced professionals can help bring out the beauty in your floor and help you customize the floor to realize your unique vision. Floors are poured with a thin layer off concrete above the aggregate used in the mix. This allows us to offer finish alternatives from a consistently uniform floor with no aggregate exposed to high exposed aggregate similar in appearance to granite or terrazzo. We can vary the level of shine from a matte finish to a highly reflective “mirror-like” shine. We can stain and color the floor to match any decor. Finally, concrete polishing is a dry process. This eliminates down-time and provides access to the floor by other contractors during construction.

Concrete Polishing has proven itself to be one of the most versatile floor systems in new construction for today and for tomorrow. Contact Us To Learn More About New Construction Polishing Or Get A Quote

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