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Concrete Repair Services

Rapid Concrete Solutions, Inc. offers installation services for all Rapid Restore products. For those who have a need for floor repairs but don't have the time or the staff to get them done, we can repair your floors with little or no interruption to your daily business. Many companies find our services less expensive than our competitors, plus we offer them the distinct advantage of being able to get back on their floor minutes after we complete a repair. We warranty all our work and are available for projects of all sizes.

Typical Contracting Repairs:

  Expansion Joint Repair
  Crack and Spall Repair
  Threshold Repairs
  Transition Repairs
  Exterior Joint Sealing

Specialized Repairs

We specialize in low temperature applications to temperatures as low as -20° degrees. Where most other products cannot perform, Rapid Restore’s exclusive technology provides dramatically reduce set-up times and truly long lasting repairs without the typical “pop-out” of other products.
Contact Us About Our Concrete Repair Services

Contact Jim Tobbe - Concrete Repair Specialist at (800) 466-9026
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