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Concrete Polish
New Construction

Concrete Polish
Floor Restoration

Concrete Polish
The Floor System for Today and Tomorrow

Introduced into the United States in the late 1990’s, concrete polishing is one of the fastest growing floor systems on the market today. It is simple, cost effective, environmentally friendly, and aesthetically pleasing. It has a place in both new construction and in the restoration of old worn out and often epoxy coated floors. It’s equally effective in public spaces, retail, restaurants, office buildings, industrial spaces, and warehouse and distribution facilities. It can be customized to fit the user’s vision and when properly maintained will last as long as the building itself.

Concrete polishing uses a series of diamond impregnated cutting blades and polishing pads to remove imperfections, coatings, and any contaminants from the floor. It leaves behind a customizable, harder, and less porous surface. We work with you to choose a finish from matte to a highly reflective “mirror-like” shine.

Concrete polishing is quickly expanding into all segments of new construction. It is a beautiful alternative to traditional floor systems such as coatings, tile, laminate, carpet and VCT tile. Our experienced professionals can help bring out the natural, unique characteristics of your floor. Polished concrete is highly customizable and can be installed quickly.
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Concrete polishing is a fast, dry, low downtime floor system. It can effectively remove old floor coatings, sealers, and tile, while replacing them with a lower maintenance, long lasting and tougher floor. It reduces both short and long term expenses.
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Concrete Polishing has quickly become the most versatile floor system for today and for tomorrow.

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