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Benefits of Rapid Restore

  1. No Down Time
    Rapid Restore gets you back on your floor for everyday traffic in as little as 15 minutes. Typical epoxy and cement-based products can take 24 to 48 hours to set up for traffic.

  2. No Saw Cutting
    Rapid Restore repairs can be prepared using a simple hand grinder with a twisted wire wheel to clean the repair area down to bare concrete, resulting in almost no enlargement of the repair area. Saw cutting requires expensive saws, blades, and dust collection systems. Saw cutting also results in enlarged repair areas and the need to use more repair product than would be necessary with Rapid Restore.

  3. No Pot Mixing
    Since Rapid Restore is self-mixing and resealable, you only use what you need. No mixing, No mess, No waste! Pot mixing is a messy process that often results in too little or too much product mixed. Many estimates show that pot mixed products lose about 20% to waste.

  4. Extendable With Sand as an Aggregate
    Rapid Restore is recommended for use with clean, dry, and fine sand keeping product usage to a minimum. Sand as an aggregate accounts for up to 70% of the repair. This makes Rapid Restore repairs more economical than products applied at 100%.

  5. Ultra Low Viscosity
    Rapid Restore has a viscosity similar to water, but unlike water, it has no surface tension. This allows the product to penetrate into the repair area unlike epoxies and traditional materials that just bond to the surface.

  6. True Feather Edge Repairs
    Because of Rapid Restore's unique penetrating properties, true "feather edge" repairs can be made. Since Rapid Restore uses sand, it can be trowled like traditional concrete allowing the user to perform almost any type of concrete repair.

  7. Low Odor
    Many repair products produce high levels of irritating and potentially harmful fumes. Rapid Restore produces minimal odor that dissipates quickly, thus eliminating another obstacle to performing regular and immediate floor repairs.

  8. Can Be Cut, Drilled, Tapped, Coated
    Rapid Restore has properties similar to original concrete floors and can be treated like concrete for the life of the product. Epoxy products continue to harden for a lifetime creating repairs that become brittle, crack, and eventually "pop out".

  9. Sets Up in Temperatures as Low as -20 F
    Rapid Restore's unique formulation allows it to set up quickly and effectively in cold temperature applications. No other concrete repair product can compare. In fact, most freeze before they bond to the repair.
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